We are an Authorized Kia Fleet Business Center located in the South East suburbs of Melbourne. We understand that a great vehicle fleet is much more than just cars for you and your employees. It's a large investment of your time and money. Our experienced and dedicated Fleet Team can help you get the most out of you vehicles, no matter what size your business.

We not only offer exclusive fleet discounts for eligible businesses and partners, we focus on the vehicle’s whole life costs. And with our 7 Year Unlimited Km Warranty and impressive ANCAP safety record, there’s no better peace of mind for you than the range of Kia models. Did you know we offer more than just fleet vehicles? Our Fleet team can help you manage all your fleet requirements, from expert servicing through to finance and insurance packages. We’ll keep you updated regularly, including service reminders and we even provide free loan vehicles while we take care of yours. This is just another way we can help you keep your business running smoothly and your fleet in tip top shape.

To find out more about our fleet service just fill in the Fleet Enquiry form or contact our Fleet Manager on (03) 9709 1900.


Phone:(03) 9709 1900
Address:12-16 Kangan Drive, Berwick, Victoria, 3806


Phone:(03) 9709 1900
Fax: 03 9707 4166
Address: 12-16 Kangan Drive, Berwick, Victoria, 3806


Phone:(03) 9709 1900
Fax: 03 9707 4166
Address: 12-16 Kangan Drive, Berwick, Victoria, 3806

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7 year warranty, strong residuals and great fit-for-purpose vehicles loaded with high levels of safety technology – Having Kia in your company car Fleet will give you the edge. Whether you’re a small business owner running a few cars or a multinational corporate company with an extensive global fleet, Kia and its Fleet team are dedicated to meeting your needs.


  1. Comprehensive fleet and business solutions: Our expert Fleet Management Team will tailor a comprehensive fleet plan for your organisation, including tax-smart finance, servicing, parts and aftercare.
  2. No fleet too big or too small: We work with businesses and government departments of all sizes. We’re equipped to handle fleets of just one vehicle through to large fleets of more than 100 Kia cars.
  3. National support network: When you establish your fleet through us here at Berwick Kia, you’ll always be able to use us as your first point of contact. You’re also supported by a national organisation that can handle your fleet management needs nation-wide.
  4. Professional Kia staff: Our fleet team does fleet planning every day, and they’ve been doing it for many years. They know what they’re talking about so that you get the right advice for your motor vehicle fleet needs.
  5. Volume Pricing: As a volume buyer, you’re eligible for great potential Kia vehicle volume pricing options. With extensive relationships across all the major leasing companies, Berwick Kia can organise the best volume buying deals for your new Kia Fleet.
  6. Contact our friendly and expert Fleet Management team here at Berwick Kia to get the perfect fleet deal established for your needs. A few minutes on the phone could save you lots of time and money.


Kia Fleet edge offers a wide range of customer different discount to tailor packages.

We can offer fleet pricing for clients from anywhere starting from 3 cars and up. Each client based on their business/organisation needs will receive a great fleet discount with the following classes. We will always offer the honest and best advise and will let you know which fleet level we can offer you:

​General Fleet

Clients who have between 1 to 19 vehicles in their fleet can receive this great discount.

​National Fleet

Clients who has more than 20 vehicles will receive this discount. Plus, if you are a franchise owner you may qualify for this discount even if you have 1 vehicle. Also, if you staff receive salary packaging option with a Fleet company this discount also applies.

​Government Fleet

Clients who may be government funded, Not for profit can quailify for this discount level. 

​Premium Fleet

Clients who have a large fleet and are looking at sole supply with Kia may qualify for this level of discount. This level is based on Kia approval and would need to sign formal agreements to achieve this.